Services overview

Strategic Analysis/Programming

define the reference points for a design such as demographics, competition, current operations and desired direction and establish the criteria for a new concept.

Planning/Schematic Design

innovative store planning is the basis for an efficient presentation of all products and services; and innovative layouts improve sales, operations, costs and customer experiences.

Conceptual Design

taking your business plans or new corporate direction and creating a unique concept that gives it the perfect physical form.

Interior Design

a truly great interior design is efficient, stimulating, comfortable and where customers, owners and staff are equally rewarded.

Exterior Design

the greatest interior design is worthless unless the exterior entices customers in to a store to experience it; drama starts from the outside.

Sustainability / Environmental Design

creating the right environment through colors, materials, layout, lighting, flooring and all the other items that make it work together, and minimize the greater environmental impact.

Signage and Graphics

good sign and graphic design is the most obvious way to enhance a brand; and is an integral part of the overall concept and customer experience.

Way Finding

essential in any building, especially in healthcare; way finding must be intuitive, simple and obvious, and is the first encounter the customer and staff have in a space.

Brand Standards

if a new concept is established and you wish to roll it out, a set of brand standards becomes essential, we can create this definitive set of drawings for you.


custom point of purchase / point of sale fixtures that work with your product, but also in the environment in which they are used.

Visual Merchandising

custom point of purchase/point of sale fixtures that work with your product, but also in the environment in which they are used.

Custom Fixtures

sometimes a standard display just isn't enough; new products need to stand out through new fixtures that add sales and integral storage.



If you have a retail idea, business expansion plans, growth targets or market opportunities, cumo designs can help at any point in the design process. Our team has created some of the most innovative concepts and ideas for some of the largest multi-national retailers, individual store owners or even people developing theoretical ideas for a store concept.

This can be anything from an entire building, store layout, interior design, lighting, flooring, signage or merchandising solutions, to an individual department or café area within a store.

Cumo designs understands retail and focuses on the results you, and your customers need.


There is no more important design than the design of healthcare facilities.

Our experience with the initial customer impact in hospitals, small medical offices, opticians, dentists etc. has shown us that this area can create significant cash flow that can be applied to more front line medical operations.

We specialize in reception areas, traffic flow, way finding, retail and services opportunities. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment while making the space work efficiently for employees and visitors alike.


Financial institutions often have a hard time differentiating themselves from their competition.

Therefore, it is even more important to find the point of difference and identify the demographics necessary to project the business in the best way.

We provide many innovative solutions; and our experience with banks and credit unions means that customers relate to the business and make use of as many products as possible.


There are many businesses that require an enhanced customer experience such as sports centers, recreation facilities, showrooms, conference centers and meeting rooms, service centers, pick-up and drop-off areas and reception areas.

Whether your customers are facility users, showroom browsers, trade customers or employees; the experience needs to be comfortable, stimulating, intuitive and efficient.

Facility users, trade, and internal customers are very important because they are established users who need confirmation of the services, direction and aspirations of the business.

Once these customers switch allegiance, it is very difficult to entice them back.

Make sure you are the one that attracts new customers from the competition and give them no reason to go back.


Over the years there have been several theories on how to layout an office, usually based on efficiency and how to get the most people in the smallest space.

However, every business is different and not all management practices are applied equally.

It is essential to know the philosophy, strategy and goals of your business and how this equates to the best office layout for the culture.

It is possible to use standard office furniture, but in some cases there may be better solutions.


Fixtures can be as simple as a cardboard p.o.p piece to an elaborate customer service counter or library furniture.

A custom fixture is used when the catalog pieces do not do justice to your product or environment.

We have designed custom fixtures for all types of retail stores, showrooms, soft and hard goods, bars and restaurants, banks, credit unions, hospitals and recreation centers.

Fixture design can make or break your product offerings; get it right and results will exceed your expectations.